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Endurance & Development Testing

Rolling Road Test Rig 
This Rolling Road Test Rig was utilised to determine the durability, efficiency and performance of a recently developed AC Drive Motor Unit.
The test equipment was developed to simulate the working conditions of the drive motor as closely as possible, plus provide the ability to apply a varying degree of load to the drive wheel.
A micro-processor control system was utilised to both sequence the testing operations and to record / store the subsequent test data. The test and operating parameters could be changed via the machine’s HMI unit and all relevant data / information could also be viewed upon the equipment’s visual display unit.  

Endurance Test MachineAn Endurance Test Machine that was developed to determine the durability of the oil-immersed twin plate disc brake assembly within a truck drive / axle brake unit.
The drive / axle unit was chain connected to a bearing mounted inertia flywheel and a continual run / brake cycle was undertaken upon the assembly. A truck traction controller was used to drive the axle assembly and an air / oil intensification unit utilised to provide the brake unit’s hydraulic oil supply. To prevent over-heating of the assembly during testing, cooling was undertaken by the fitting of a water jacket round the axle, which was used in conjunction with an air blown water cooling system.


forklift truck Mast Test RigThis forklift truck Mast Test Rig was supplied to facilitate the development and endurance testing of pre-production mast assemblies.
The test rig was designed to automatically monitor the lift, reach, tilt & side-shift performance of a mast assembly when used in conjunction with a 1200kg payload.
The ’ramped’ pressure and flow for each of the mast’s hydraulic cylinders was adjustable and could be pre-set within the automatic cycling / performance monitoring programme. The equipment included the ability to store / download all relevant data for subsequent analysis purposes.
Detection features were also incorporated to automatically identify hydraulic leakage and mast lift chain breakage.

Thermostat Housing Process & Assembly Test CellThermostat Housing

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endurance test re-engineer
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