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Leak Test machines

An in line leak test machine to undertake the production leak Oil pan leak test machine
and feature validation on an automotive vehicle oil pan
The equipment was installed as part of a fully automated component pallet conveyor track feed system and undertook an automatic leak test, validated the existence of every mounting face bolt hole, plus checked for the correct orientation of a previously assembled sensor unit. Whilst being shown as a single fixture facility, the equipment was designed to accommodate an additional test / validation station should future throughput volumes dictate such a requirement.



Production testing of cam capcomponentsThis leak test system incorporated 3 off test fixtures to facilitate the production testing of multiple machined cam capcomponents.  The equipment had the ability for each of the test stations to operate either individually or simultaneously with the specified testing parameters necessitating a test cycle comprising of three separate, yet sequentially programmed leak tests. All of the 3 off relevant leak tests were undertaken at different testing pressures with differing specified acceptance level criteria.
The machine’s operation panel provided visual status indication of each individual test result for all of the three test fixtures and any ‘failed’ component was locked within its relevant fixture until the condition was acknowledged by means of a key operated switch.



A leak test rig utilised as a ‘development’ facility to identify the location of leakage flaws in both raw and machined aluminium pressure die cast components.
Leak test machines
The test rig incorporated an ‘air under water’ leak test feature to enable the area of any leakage fault line within the component to be visually identified by the traditional method of viewing air bubbles escaping from the part when immersed beneath water.
The equipment was designed to facilitate a rapid change over of different component sealing fixtures and was configured to enable testing to be undertaken on separate cavities within the test part at differing pressures if required.
With the exception of the internal viewing light, the test rig operated totally by the use of pneumatics.



A production leak test machine for numerous variants of machined
cast iron PAS pump housings.       
The facility incorporated 2off separate fixtures, to which interchangeable location base plates / seal noses can be fitted   to accommodate over 70 different component models. All of the interchangeable parts were stored upon an integral tool rack located within the lower section of the machine.
The machine incorporated an alpha/numerical display  panel to provide the operator with visual indication of model selected, process status and any fault condition that may be evident.


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